St.Stephen's School

Harvest Festival

On Monday 8th October, St Stephen’s School celebrated Harvest. Over the past few weeks, pupils and staff had brought in a wide variety of donations including a range of tinned products, cereals, biscuits, pasta and nappies. We had an abundant display this year!

We were able to share the donations we received between 4 local foodbanks: Newham Renewal Project; East Ham Foodbank; Katherine Road foodbank and the Churches Foodbank. In addition, we were able to give a donation to the Welcome Centre in Ilford, a homeless project that the school has links with.

At our Harvest Assembly, Jackie Withnall, a volunteer from Newham Renewal project told us how the food will be shared at their RAMP (Refugee and Migrant Project) Foodbank every Tuesday. As well as receiving food, there are English classes, and people around to give advice for those who attend. The Student Council were able to ask Jackie a few questions her work at RAMP after the assembly.

Every group who has received a donation has been overwhelmed with the generosity of the pupils and parents. They would like to thank you all for your donations as there are many people who need help in our local area and we have been able to help some of them.